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Natural Play Surfaces

Transform a tired school field.

We can transform your tired or plain school field into an exciting new scheme, which can be used in various teaching plans, activities, multi-cultural or disability areas.

Play Mounds:

  • Shape and size can be tailor made
  • Shapes can have tiered sides as seating
  • Children can design the shapes
  • Covering can be grass or an artificial surface

Trim Trails & Timber Climbers:

  • Trim Trails & Timber climbers are designed and available in various styles as a cost effective option in a limited space or with a limited budget
  • Chin Ups - Hurdles - Ladder Walk- Leap Frog - Balance Beams - Pole Climbs to name just a few examples

Story Telling Areas:

  • Areas can be designed and installed
  • Have seating for pupils and teachers
  • Seating can be benched areas or single seats
  • Seats can be unique designs for each school

Outdoor Class Rooms:

  • Our designs are focused on providing the best facilities for both the pupil and teacher
  • Outdoor class rooms provide a creative environment for both Teachers and Pupils such as, Wildlife Habitats, Vegetable or Flower Gardens, Conservation Areas, Science Areas or Bio Diversity Areas

Mazes & Boulder Gardens:

  • Unicursal Maze - Roman, Chartres or Cretan designs
  • Historical Mazes - Turf Mazes or Design your own maze
  • Boulder Gardens can be aromatic terraced areas or designed for climate change

Play Areas Designed  Natural Play Surfaces

Peterborough play area surfaces  play area installation Peterborough