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Landscapes For Disabled

Are you struggling to enjoy or deal with the garden because of a disability or is it too much to handle now?

Garden Layout:
We can help the problems go away -
Lawn to big and difficult to cut?
Paths not wide enough ?
Nowhere to sit?
Cannot reach borders to maintain?
Containers too heavy to move?

We can widen paths, alter the paths direction to allow for wheel chairs, also allow extra width for powered wheelchairs, all with non-slip surfaces in various colours, styles and decorative designs.

Different Levels:
Changes in levels both with paths and the garden beds can be gentle slopes or by using ramps with or without handrails. Seats and tables can be included as part of the design to save walking.

Raised beds for flowers, vegetables and fruits can be incorporated.

With use of friendly planting, you may like to grow unique specimens or plants that have an aroma, even plants where you can feel the shapes.

Plants in containers or pots on wheels, even low maintenance areas can be made.

Raised beds for both flowers, vegetables and fruits can be integrated in various areas.

Equipment & Tools:
Watering may present problems, so automatic watering systems can be installed.

Composting bins can be raised to allow better access or even more of them spread around the garden to save walking and carrying.

Tables built into walls or patios or as part of different levels in the gardens.

Landscape for disabled people   Landscape Commercial Maintenance

Landscapes for disabilities   Landscape Commercial Maintenance

Garden Landscape-disabled gardening  Landscape for disabled people