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Landscape Garden Maintenance

From Garden Maintenance to Makeovers or Renovations, even just a little TLC.
We can make your garden manageble again.

Lawn Care:
Mowing, Fertiliser Application, Weed Control, Scarification, Top Dressing, Aeration, Fungicide & Insecticide controls, Re-seeding, Re-turfing and leveling.

Weed Control:
Weed prevention & control on Ornamental and Amenity areas.

On Hard or Soft Landscaping with physical removal and with chemical control if suitable to the site.

Planting and maintenance of seasonal and Herbaceous bedding schemes for spring, summer and autumn.

Maintenance during the growing season along with end of season work, reshaping beds, feeding, etc.

Shrub Bed Maintenance:
Planting, Pruning, General Maintenance as required.

Hedge Cutting:
Cutting back new growth during the growing season and reducing and reshaping as required.

Planting, Pruning and Removal including Stump Grinding, levelling surface area after removal etc.

Turf Laying, Seeding, Shaping and planting of Flower Beds, Shrub Beds and Herbaceous borders/beds and fencing.

Landscape Garden Maintenance

Landscape Garden Maintenance

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