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Landscape Design & Projects

From design to construction & finally maintenance, we offer a professional & skilled team for projects.

We offer professional designs that are skilfully implemented by our dedicated team.

Creating long term enjoyment and dividend as schemes mature & flourish using only the best materials and practices.

Working with a budget:
Agreeing a master plan including the theme or style, materials new or recycled, planting areas, hard surface areas and total budget available.

Outline and Detailed Planning:
Look at site difficulties, layout, needs and interests of users, uses for the area, colours and textures required etc.

We can help you to decide what you want to update, change completely, or replant and restyle.

We install drainage channels, french drains, ducting to reduce the risk of flooding or water logging and allow future use of land.

Sports Facilities:
Installation of drainage systems such as Verti drains, levelling, Turfing, Seeding, Lay out new pitches for various sports, etc.

Urban Areas:
Design planting schemes for Trees, Flowers, Shrubs as part of housing developments. Including Bio diversity areas creating a habitat for that will continue to flourish in the future.

Minor Works:
Ponds, Water Features, Climbing Frames for plants, Pergolas, Patios, Decking, Rockeries and Create Allotments and clear old allotments etc.

Landscape Design  Landscape Design

Landscape Design  Landscape Design